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The largest of the RCA’s four academic schools by student numbers, the School of Arts & Humanities brings together taught programmes, research and industry partnerships, creating a unique concentration of writers, curators, historians, fine and applied artists under one ‘roof’.

The School examines the means by which the fine and applied arts are made, critiqued, deployed and engaged with; the School offers a rich array of positions, methods, contexts and materials that artists, designers, curators and writers use and have used, as well as, ideas and issues that are successfully articulated by these disciplines, as well as providing a grounding for interaction with other disciplines, including in the sciences, and beyond academia towards industry and the public. We pay attention to the arts within the everyday, and to the everyday as the site of practice, and archive. We maintain close and productive links with numerous arts and culture organisations to ensure that our work is relevant and public facing, as well as facilitating opportunities for knowledge exchange and executive education with commercial and not-for-profit partners internationally.

The School of Arts & Humanities offers students and researchers the opportunity to develop their practices and careers as artists, makers, historians, theorists, writers and curators. All are encouraged to focus in depth on the particularities of their own work while also being exposed to critically diverse positions across the School and to wider contexts and issues beyond, both across the College and in relation to challenges of societal, economic and cultural importance.

The School has a distinctive research culture, based upon a dynamic interplay between theory and practice, and encompassing a broad range of subjects and approaches, from highly individuated scholarly and creative enquiry to projects concerning public policy and evaluation; from collections-based research to speculative practice-focused enquiry.  Our goal is to support our research in addressing key strategic opportunities and challenges, linking effectively with national and international themes where appropriate, and securing an increasing level of funding required to undertake and translate research of world-leading and internationally excellent standing.

The School supports focused research and study within an environment that is ambitious in generating new practices and insights. We thrive on interaction across the broad areas of fine and applied arts and the humanities, through School-wide lectures, workshops and tutorials delivered by key contemporary artists, writers, curators and thinkers, many of whom form part of our permanent staff base.  We also seek opportunities for the fine and applied arts and humanities to undertake interdisciplinary research with the Schools of Architecture, Communication, Design, and with the RCA’s research centres and external partners, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, with which we run the flagship MA in the History of Design.